Tuesday, November 4, 2014

She's not beautiful

In the heart of every man
Lies a soft spot for ladies
And each with his desires
Prefers a beauty for a better half

To have a queen by his side
Each time he makes a turn
His emotions exceed his thoughts
"Ugly" ladies are for the devil

She's not beautiful
If she's got no boobs
Neither is she lovely
Cos I'm a 'barca' fan

Though not a man of ugly desires
Neither am i of weird opinion
Beauty without virtue, I'll say
Depicts a good-looking coffin

Beautiful but a beast
'Ugly' but a treasure
If you are to be a chooser
Tell me you'll choose the beast

Of what use is a ripe orange
Whose interior breeds insidious maggots?
Or a cold glass of water
Gotten from a water-closet?

I think it is good to think twice
Before you leap into her bosom
If she's a beautiful beast
I beg you not to take the risk

Though my pen is running out of ink
I won't hesitate to re-echo it
A beast within will lose the beauty without
It's just a matter of time

Yea, she's not beautiful
 And even lacks some endowment
But to the one who cares to know
She's an embodiment of virtue

Beauty is in my heart
Beauty is in my eyes
What makes YOU beautiful
Is the virtue you lug.


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