Monday, July 18, 2016

BONUS edition –10 (ten) Case Study solutions on IAS 8

“Nature balances itself; even in impossible situations.”
Adedamola Otun


IFRS is easy just got better.

A new feature has been added to our blog list. This will comprise professional articles from different experts in the field of Accounting. The articles will focus on Accountants in practice. The issues encountered and the opportunities available.

We’ll discuss practical case studies, ethical dilemma, approaches to successful job interviews, professional etiquettes, current trends in accounting, effective communication skills, writing winning CVs, tips on using accounting software, and lots more. You can bet it’s gonna be fun, enlightening, entertaining, informative and strategically for YOU.

You don’t wanna miss any of our blogs.

We are eager to set the ball rolling on it. Keep a date with us daily, we’ll definitely surpass your expectations.

We are here to serve you.

As a bonus, we bring to you 10 case study solutions to our IAS 8 questions edition. For those that missed the mail, you can download the questions coupled with the solutions here.                                                                            View/Download

Once more, we are here for you!

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