Monday, February 6, 2017

IFRS Is Easy…Maximize the Blog

"Grace is given of God, but knowledge is bought in the market."-Arthur Clough


IFRS is easy provides an online platform that helps simplify the intricacies in Financial Reporting. We are currently working out a better interactive online session for our readers. As a result of our readers’ demands, we present to you a simple way of navigating through our blog on your mobile phone. Kindly follow through the explanations below to maximize the blog contents:

At the top-most part of the home screen, just immediately after the welcome title, you’ll see a ‘Home’ button. Click on it and it will show a drop-down list of our page labels.

Each label (Blog Notes; Blog Tests; Blog Articles; and Blog Books) represent different sections of the blog to serve a specific purpose for your interest.

These are explanations to each IFRS, loaded with interesting introductory expatiations to the Standards. They are also embedded with downloadable PDF for your consumption when you go offline.

These are questions and solutions on each of the IFRS that have been explained in the Blog Notes posted.

These are professional articles that relate with current trends in Accounting and some other ethical issues in Accounting.

These provide downloadable IFRS materials and textbooks that can be used as supporting materials to aid your study.

Watch out for our BLOG QUIZ Section coming up shortly. It entails an online self-assessment quiz which will provide our readers with a simulation of exam questions and then grade them automatically after submission.

As promised, follow through this download link to access all ICAN study packs and past questions for all levels (Foundation/Knowledge; Skill; and Professional).

…download link

Over 9,000 reads so far...Thanks to our Readers.


"'IFRS is easy' blog is the best illustrative and practical platform I have ever come across on IFRS. It makes the technical aspect of IFRS so interesting and understandable even to a layman. Kudos to the author. I recommend it for everyone who will be preparing for IFRS exams."

Adebowale Samuel

"This blog gives you the opportunity to know everything you need to know about IFRS. If you are serious about knowing much about IFRS, don't let a day go by without you visiting here."
Vincent Adeoba

“With all enthusiasm, I’m pleased to present to you the blog ‘IFRS is Easy’, loaded with wonderful collection of intelligence; problem solving explorations; mind blowing articles, brilliant scenarios and lots more. I bet you’ll enjoy engaging with this blog as much as the blogger enjoys putting it together. It is such a masterpiece.”
Adedeji Ibraheem Adewumi

“'IFRS is easy' has indeed simplified the 'Almighty' IFRS. The blog has consistently helped in supplying necessary and useful information especially with simplified and self-explanatory answers to questions. Kudos! If more people could be reached, the gap in knowledge of IFRS will be bridged. Keep it going sir!”
Ifeoluwa B.

“'IFRS is easy' isn't just a blog where someone with peripheral knowledge of accounting goes to dump what he thinks he knows. It is indeed a good source for IFRS study. It definitely adds value to all users.”
Flora Ezeani

“In the world of finance today, the difference between the smart and intelligent person is what he/she learnt the previous day. I read 'IFRS IS EASY' to stay up to speed within the world of financial reporting.”
Abiola Ayodeji Gbemisola

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