Sunday, August 13, 2023

IFRS 9 Masterclass - Understanding Financial Instruments


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This IFRS 9 Masterclass on understanding the basics of financial instruments introduces you to IFRS 9 in an uncommon way, through the use of several practical examples, free IFRS 9 documents and thought leadership files, excel file computation, use of related video documentaries and the fact that I am virtually taking you through each learning step from the perspective of a Big 4 Consultant that has worked in 3 of the Big 4 Audit firms.

This course which is the first of the IFRS 9 Masterclass series comes in easy to understand and fun-bite sizes.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to build up your IFRS 9 knowledge. Be prepared before that career opportunity comes your way.

Order the IFRS 9 Masterclass today and start learning Financial Instruments like you've never had it before!

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